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Team Head Coach Candidates – A person wishing to be a team head coach should submit a coaches application when annouced on the TWYFL website.  To be selected by the Board of Directors.  To be a valid nominee, all candidates for team head coach shall have basic football (or cheer where applicable) knowledge, display initiative and desire to work with the players, time available, participate actively in TWYFL in the previous or past years (or another approved organized league), be willing to have a personal background check performed, and must be approved by the Board of Directors. Any previous head coach from the prior season will have first priority consideration for the current season.  Head coaches must have a child registered in the TWYFL prior to the selection date (Other family members of registrants shall be considered for vacant head coaching positions in the event that the TWYFL has not received an adequate number of applicants prior to the application deadline).


All football coaches that will be on the field with players during games shall be required to complete the USA Football Coaches Certification (or recertification, where applicable) Program associated with the level of coaching for which he/she is applying. The expense for the certification course is paid by the league.    

Assistant Coaches – No assistant coach may be selected before the draft.  Once a team is created the head coach will have the ability to select his or hers assistant coach from parents willing to volunteer.  Volunteers that have child on the team will have priorty over any volunteer that doesn't have a child on the team.

The Head Coach shall be responsible for properly training the players on his/ her team, and shall appoint no more than two official assistant coaches. The Head coach will be responsible for the actions of all assistant coaches.

Each teams Head Coach shall be responsible for the discipline and conduct of his/ her team at all times during practices or scheduled games.  Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol, use of profane and/ or abusive language, and unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind shall be cause for the suspension of any player, participant, or coach.  The suspension of any player or coach may be appealed to the Board of Directors, and said Board of Directors will hear the appeal of any player or coach within 48 hours from the time of his / her written appeal, but during such interim, said suspension shall be in full force and effect. All suspensions shall be reported by the appropriate Head Coach to the President and Secretary of the League.

To initiate a suspension other than those called by game officials, a written complaint must be submitted to the league Secretary for the Board of Directors within 48 hours of the incident in question, by the appropriate Head Coach.

All Head Coaches are responsible for the equipment to be turned in from their players, and that which the Head Coach is issued from the league, at the end of the season.


USA Football