USA Football
Responsibilities of a TWYFL Team Mom:

Every TWYFL Team needs a Team Mom to be sucessful.

As a Team Mom you are the liaison between the League, Coaches, Players, and Parents.

You will be responsible for keeping parents informed of all upcoming League Events or also update the team's webpage. (i.e. Team Practices or Scrimmages, Opening Day Jamboree, Game Schedules, & Concession Stand times)

Create a complete Team Roster w/contact information for every child to hand out to parents. This will be a go to guide for many parents if a transportation issue arrises. It should also include coaches' contact info as well as your own.

In this day, email and text are a great way to communicate yet some may not have daily access to information you may send. So it is also important to speak w/your parents' face-to-face and get to know them. Take a quick 5 minutes after each practice to inform parents of anything coming up.

Your assistance may be required with the distribution of uniforms. You will be the liaison with the Equipment Manager concerning any questions on uniforms &/or helmets and shoulder pads.

You will be asked to aid the coaches the day of the Jamboree w/Team Introductions, and Pictures.

The League always purchase carnations for each player to give their Mom/Grandma/Aunt during Jamboree introductions. You will need to organize those recipients prior to the Introductions.

You may become a bookkeeper for your Team. Some coaches may ask you to keep the following: Record of Attendance (practices), Game Day accomplishments (i.e. #TDs, #Extra Points, #Fumble Recoveries, #QB Sacks)

You will receive a Concession Stand Schedule prior to the first game. You will need 2 parents to work the Concession Stand during your Team's scheduled time. These times are typically before or after your own child's game so those working will not miss any of the action!

During the Games you will need to provide volunteers for Chain Gang or Scoreboard Operation depending upon Home or Away status. Also, remind parents and players to help keep our fields free of trash following the games.

Discuss with your Team prior to the season if you will be providing Snacks/Drinks following games. If so, create a Sign-Up Sheet for each game. Pass out a completed schedule to every parent. You will then need to provide a reminder to the Snack/Drink Supplier by the practice prior to scheduled game.

You may be asked to take team photes and then upload them to the teams website.

This is a Leaque of Volunteers! Every parent needs to help in some way (snacks, concessions, game day necessities) to ensure the best possible experience for our players.

If you are interested in being a team mom - please complete the coaches registration process and select "Team Manager" as the position for which you are applying.